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GOJA is a dynamic online seller that specializes in selling across multiple online sales channels such as online auctions, direct retail sites, comparative shopping sites and online stores. GOJA's team of e-commerce professionals handle every aspect of selling online from the creation of ad content to the daily fulfillment and shipping of thousands of orders, both to US consumers and to customers in 123 foreign countries. GOJA warehouses its goods and handles every logistical aspect of the importing, selling and delivery of over 100,000 orders a month. GOJA's in-house customer service department expertly handles customer service in multiple languages, via email, phone, social media and web based inquires, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to distributing name brand products such as Canon, GOJA specializes in manufacturing, branding and distributing its own products lines such as MagicFiber and Altura Photo. GOJA's team of designers, SEO and Social Media experts and sales analysts maximize product reach and relevance around the world. GOJA's video and YouTube experts film, edit and place product tutorial and promotional videos on YouTube and other sites generating hundreds of thousands of monthly views.

In July, 2015, GOJA opened its first showroom/retail location to service its DigitalGoja.com website. This model store will serve to allow GOJA's engineers to test the latest online retailing software as well as allow GOJA's business teams to test different ways to profitably give online retail a physical presence. GOJA's store will focus on photography equipment and allow customers to see and test merchandise as well as receive expert instruction on product usage. Additionally, this showroom will contain a fully functioning studio that will be used to film videos for GOJA's Youtube.com channel.

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